just a school project || a hs phan au

just a school project || a hs phan au

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Dan Howell is a good boy. He spends most of his time studying and does all his homework. Phil Lester is a bad boy. He's failed nearly every class, and sleeps with a different person nearly every night. Only once Phil makes a bet and a school project is assigned do their paths cross.  

This story will contain smut and angst, trust me.

I'm not claiming phan is real and I do now own Dan or Phil. I own a wattpad and bad grammar; that is all.

oml its half one and im trying to stop laughing so i dont wake everyone up
The lip bite! I can feel the tingle of a smut coming up in this story
I dont ship phan like at all but for some reason  im reading this.
phanstardis phanstardis Jul 17
lol im late but no ur not omg im reading this for the second time
I'm not gonna do any of those "gotta etc."
                              Bc bitch they hurt my feelings
Oh Dan, you're always emotionless. Except when you're around Phil.