just a school project || a hs phan au

just a school project || a hs phan au

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Dan Howell is a good boy. He spends most of his time studying and does all his homework. Phil Lester is a bad boy. He's failed nearly every class, and sleeps with a different person nearly every night. Only once Phil makes a bet and a school project is assigned do their paths cross.  

This story will contain smut and angst, trust me.

I'm not claiming phan is real and I do now own Dan or Phil. I own a wattpad and bad grammar; that is all.

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creepccino creepccino Nov 13
@ my english class (my teacher has a whistle she blows when we sleep which is my whole class lmao)
emmyshoes emmyshoes Dec 05
When has Dan gotten an a in his life... Huh HUH! me no likey.
Basically me in public school 
                              I put a dead frog in the mean teachers coffee, blamed someone else, and threatened to stab him if he touched me 
The highest class us eighth graders can take are a few 9th grade classes or half of a highschool course so like bio and algebra (kill me I don't fuc king understand anything) and Spanish (why tf they put me in 8-9 Spanish when I can't even speak English correctly?!)
Idk why but I'm imagining him to be like that vine and every time he enters a class he's like "WASSUP FUCKERS"
Above average classes, is stupid, an emotional mess, incredibly too deep and strange art and poetry, sweatpants and tshirts bc I'm a lazy bitch, again: stupid