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Cloaked Angel {Meliodas x Reader}

Cloaked Angel {Meliodas x Reader}

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Callista Silverstone By GoddessOfPhones Updated Jun 07, 2016

(Name) was her real name. She was always covered by her midnight black cloak and has a bandage around her eyes, as she has some... Special powers. Which is why she is called the Cloaked Angel.


"Hey Angel."

"What do you want to ask?"

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to join us on our journey?"

".....I'll think about it."


She was abandoned and betrayed by her 'friends' and 'family'. Until she was requested to join the Seven Deadly Sins.

MCcrazyapple MCcrazyapple Dec 10, 2016
That just made my day XD XD I feel no sympathy for King... just thought that happened to someone I know the other day, it must have been a sign that I would fall in love with this story XD please update
crystal_the_pixie crystal_the_pixie Dec 27, 2016
When everyone else is asleep and your trying to hold in your laughter.
                              I end up shedding a tear!
lilwolf161 lilwolf161 Jan 04
Please update!!!!! I want to read on!!!!!!!! I love this story so far!!!
s202242 s202242 Sep 22, 2016
I laughed so HARD and started to make weird noises then my sis looked at me like I've grown 5 heads!
VitoriaSparkle VitoriaSparkle Dec 02, 2016
I'm laughing my ass of right now
                              ewww. King thats gross! hahahahahahaha. Make me use my powers to get that smell out of the house or we will die XD
                              ALSO...PLEASE UPDATE!!
headphonesonfull headphonesonfull Oct 02, 2016
*pulls out a bottle of febreeze  and sprays it on King*
                              King:*screeches like a cat and hides under the table*