Harsh Love (manxman)✔

Harsh Love (manxman)✔

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"Please...stop!" My words came out in a gasp as I was flung on the bed roughly. I scrambled back, trying frantically to blink back unwanted tears as the man before me jerked his tie off roughly and advanced menacingly.

"Do you know how much I've craved your delectable body all day, my little flower?" I cried out as he ripped the loosely fitted boxer shorts right off my trembling frame, sending my hands flying to conceal the vital area that I never wanted anyone to ever touch me at again. 

But it was pointless to hide.

And an exact replica of what had happened the past few weeks occurred once more. I was taken roughly. 

Again, and again, and again.

*Completed Nov 2016

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LuluM69 LuluM69 Oct 07, 2017
Interesting. Can't wait to read more. I like your writing and the beginning of the story 😉
halsoo641 halsoo641 Nov 26, 2017
He doesn't even know if they guys alive tho.... imagine being turned on by a corpse...
AccioMofo AccioMofo Dec 09, 2017
Just think: if the guy hadn't been sexy asf this dude probably would've left him out in the cold. Smh
FeistySoul FeistySoul Jan 09
I had a feeling abt how the story was gonna be and was kinda warned by the description ... but this is really fast progress man. One look and he's  are already deep in too far
couchpotato2000 couchpotato2000 Aug 14, 2017
Wow. Just... wow. He's getting turned in by a guy in the verge of death
Amahle Amahle Jan 21, 2017
Story seems interesting I just hope it won't have a sequel  with the same characters I'm fine with a sequel with characters that were not the main characters in the first story BUT I can't deal with reading a story with the same main characters again and again