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My Perverted Childhood Friend

My Perverted Childhood Friend

10.4K Reads 364 Votes 6 Part Story
⚡️LZ⚡️ By ElzickSparks Updated Dec 28, 2016

*This book will be full of mature content, so read this book on your own risk.*

Story Scene Preview
I stared at her beautiful face with the urge to touch her soft skin. She laid there on my bed with her beautiful golden hair splattered on my pillow. 
Unconsciously I slowly leaned my face closer to her face, smelling the strong mixture of her perfume and alcohol. 
My lips practically an inch away from her and our nose touching.
Suddenly, Her drowsy green eyes appeared again, but I think those eyelids seem too heavy for it to fully open, leaving me with only a small part of those captivating eyes. The smell of alcohol got stronger when her soft lips opened.
"Just kiss me already..." She cooed with a seductive tone on her voice.
My eyes widened as I promptly backed off from her, but she suddenly wrap her arm around me, pulling me back.

~~Raiden Caldwell, a 20-year-old guy that works as a photographer and a writer by day, and a bar waiter by night. He lived in a simple apartment in the City of Kalos. He was funny, kind, responsible, hardworking and almost every good quality a guy can have, however, he has a sense of control in terms of resisting temptation...horny if you may... Well despite being fairly good looking in his age, he was pretty much single...well...until she came...

You have been warned.

-ApolloJustice- -ApolloJustice- Mar 08, 2016
Bro, that was some intro. Waking up to a half naked girl beside you that's moaning. Gotta give you props. Keep up the good work!
HoB-kun HoB-kun Mar 06, 2016
Or, maybe Alex just turned from a guy into a woman. That's one, I guess.
HoB-kun HoB-kun Mar 06, 2016
It's Alex, Raiden! She's the chick on top of you! Can you not see that she has come to fulfill your childhood promise of marrying her! She's even cutting you a slack! Shame on you, Raiden. (I'm gonna be like this, pretty much.)
SethGilcrist SethGilcrist Aug 13, 2016
Yes it can. But since you asked Allow me to show in the next chapter
                              ( im so getting fired if boss sees this)
HoB-kun HoB-kun Mar 06, 2016
He is, even before Raiden show up. Seems like a guy who's always pissed.
makaay786 makaay786 Nov 09, 2015
Childhood friend grows up and comes back as a hot chick = one of my favorite rom-com plot developments.
                              Good stuff so far, hope to see it continued. :)