History  || H. S

History || H. S

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Dusky_Dawn By Dusky_Dawn Updated Oct 29

"Took you long enough to recognise me, Flu." 

"You? Again? Oh, for fuck's sake. "

What happens if you meet your one night stand  years later in the same situation as before? 
Harry and Fleur meet again, 10 years later. 

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ogglette ogglette Feb 04
Same😂😂 I'm guessing they drink a lot and dance a lot👍🏼👍🏼😂
aww..! our very own PC in the cast list! <3
                              cant wait to read this, rumi! and can i just say - CONGRATULATIONS on those reads, girl! keep it up! :D
_saera _saera Jul 02
Its not fair that she has sexy lips😂
                              Mine are .... disgustingly ugly.
-cruzypayne -cruzypayne Apr 12
that's like (one of) the rudest thing(s) you could say at a wedding
I like this idea, it's very rare for them to be older in a fic