Shadow Knight

Shadow Knight

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Uni3803 By Uni3803 Updated Dec 15, 2015

Namikaze Naruko is the fiancee of Uchiha Sasuke, The Next King of Uchiha Empire. The greatest and most powerful Empire on earth.

The Blonde haired girl has a little feeling to her Fiancee, Even if she's knew that the man will never Love her. Because he Love his other Fiancee, Haruno Sakura.

 Feeling is still a feeling, and for that Naruko will do everything she can. Even if the man doesn't know it. She will always protecting him in the shadow, Like a knight should do.

Pairing not decided and this is Fem!Naruto story

*beats Sasuke up with a bat* 
                              No good non loving duckbutt emo freak! 
                              *walks away to Narnia*
AfsheenArif AfsheenArif Jan 10
First of all dont make sukara like sweet incnconet girl and sasuke rather be with naeuto
Yukikora Yukikora Aug 14, 2016
Honestly? I hate Sausage-duck-chicken-butt-arrogant-sasugays Attitude and his whole being...
ShatteredDefense ShatteredDefense Nov 17, 2015
Oh my god! I wonder what will happen next.  I would bye all of these and read them over and over. :) 
                              I hope she's okay. :(
ShatteredDefense ShatteredDefense Nov 13, 2015
Please update soon! I really want to see what happens next! I already love this story so much!