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Anøn By celestial_alchemy Completed

All his life, Rin only ever knew life as a slave; a sex slave. He practically grew up on it, raised by Master after Master and almost always given back. At the age of 13 he was 'cute to have around' and at 14 he was 'good for a night's fuck.' At 15 he was a 'toy, at best' and by 16 he was hardly ever bought. 

Then Rin turned 17 and Master James gave him back which meant that, once again, it was time to be sold. What he expected was some sleazy old man or a rich CEO or a bored dominatrix, not a really young man set out to fix him. Will Rin be able to accept the change Roman offers, or will he again prove to be a disappointment?

WARNING: contains incorporation of the BDSM lifestyle and sex scenes. Mature readers only.

UPDATES : this version of the story will not be finished, but it is being rewritten. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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StarmyuDragon StarmyuDragon Sep 16, 2017
Dude did something crawl up ur ass and died or just need a stick to be hammered into? Or just plain sour dooche bag?!
StarmyuDragon StarmyuDragon Sep 16, 2017
While reading this, i got the chills which connects deep within me when I'm alone... 😓😓😢😭
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Jan 05, 2017
I feel kind of back for picturing him Kîll La Kïll cosplay because it said costume and I was trying to think of mortifying and revealing outfits. He actually looks pretty good in Junketsu the way I'm imagining him.
Alicebfree3691 Alicebfree3691 Dec 29, 2015
Weirdo not wierdo. I think the prologue is great. It captures Rin's emotions perfectly with the situation. Good job!
Blazin0Blue Blazin0Blue Dec 23, 2015
Wow.... depressing much? Seriously, I get why being a slave and all, but don't these stories usually start off with mini forms of rebellion?
weirdofreakish weirdofreakish Dec 02, 2015
This looks amazing! I've never completed a book either, although I don't write on here. The beginning really got me hooked so I think this is pretty good