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Unconditional  Love: Ban X King

Unconditional Love: Ban X King

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TheGreenJocker By TheGreenJocker Updated Jul 24, 2016

Kings POV:
What is wrong with him? Why must he always test me like this? Taking a deep breath I watch as the white  haired, red eyed human symbol of Greed makes his way to the love of my life Diane. The giant women was asleep still since it was bright and early, due to the fact that it was still morning. For some reason Ban (the idiot) woke me up early telling me that something was wrong with Diane, when I heard him talk like that I ran out of my room and headed straight to her.

Seemingly enough there was nothing wrong with her..she was just sleeping looking ever peaceful like always.

"I don't understand-" I start to say but suddenly stop seeing that Ban was close to Dianes chest area. Smirking at me he quietly makes his way closer to her till he was caressing her breast. My eyes widen and I try to hold myself back from attacking the taller male.

"Don't you dare touch her like that!" I hiss angry. Right at the moment Hawk, Elizabeth, and our captain walk out of the tavern yawning an...

DeathWeAreTied DeathWeAreTied Aug 26, 2016
I remember a chant of someone from captainsparklez mianitie series "your gonna die your gonna die your gonna die~" i don't know if its correct but I some how feels like someone is leaking killing intent... not it XD
Rosette556 Rosette556 Mar 01
Oh my!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Wolfie3748 Wolfie3748 Jun 06, 2016
*heavy breathing* It's one in the morning and I have to get up at six for summer camp. BUT ITS SO GOOD ALREADYYYY
SocialBreakTale SocialBreakTale Jan 23, 2016
                              BUT RUN GOWTHER AND KING!! RUUUUUNNNNN