Enigma (One Punch Man Fanfic)

Enigma (One Punch Man Fanfic)

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LostWithin By LostWithin Updated Aug 22

Reader-insert story
(y/n) has been free from the clutches of her past for 2 years now. However, it has finally caught up to her and it isn't planning on losing sight of her again. In order to escape her fate, she teams up with our favorite heroes, Saitama and Genos. Along the way she finds that she has more to worry about than just her past. Finding love can sometimes be a dangerous thing in the hero business.....

There is romance between you and the guys and if you want to recommend any BOCs go right on ahead. There may or may not be OCs in the story, I'll have to see as I go along. But other than that happy reading! Please read and comment :D Future updates will be said at the end of chapters

I do not own One Punch-Man all rights reserved to One and Yusuke Murata. I only own my creations in the development of the story.

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Trashcan2o Trashcan2o Jul 02
That's what Hitler thought with the Jews. Guess where that lead him?
                                 I went too far, didn't I?
"The earth is a single living organism! And you are the disease causing germs killing it! The will of the earth gave birth to me so that I may destroy humanity and it's insidious civilization!" 
                              I'm sorry I just memorized that because of how many times I've read the manga
Bitch I can destroy dat boi's internal organs without touchin him. I think he wouldn't dare lay a finger on me
E_Ikaros E_Ikaros Apr 19
yet everyone else in the room is like ...
                              DUDE! GIVE ME YOUR POWER!
SweeneyBlue SweeneyBlue Mar 30
When you start a test and the 1st question is hard af😂😂😂😂
Malakiminus Malakiminus Aug 01, 2016
I met a women like her before........she sadly died by a truck raming into her car........