Twilight Parodies <3 LOL

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Yo, it's T ;D By _TooSexyForMyShirt Updated 5 years ago
A collection of funny parodies. Gotta admit they aint all mine i found them on the web but they cracked me up so ya no
no i exist and think twilight is stupid, watch the fan girls come rolling in to disagree with this argumentative statement.
exactly! luckily, I'm not obsessed over this stupid twilight saga crap, though I'm probably the only teenage girl in the world that's not.
how rude I am a twilight fan and this is offensive sorry but still really funny
Omg I am a twilight fan but I love these and number twenty three I'm acctually making a book about that haha read my mind.
Well, on 50, I will hurt you if you insult my Percy Jackson.
That was so funny! I'm not a big Twilight fan (though I am writing a fan fic inspired by it...but I've made Edward feed of a human, mwahaaa), I loved these. #22 and #23, heck ya! LOL!