Harry Potter: Preferences, Imagines, & One-Shots

Harry Potter: Preferences, Imagines, & One-Shots

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««All characters\places in this fanfiction belong to JK Rowling! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT THE PLOT OF THE ONE-SHOTS ETC!»»

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory...

This is a Harry Potter book of one-shots, preferences, and imagines of your favorite Harry Potter characters, bare with me here... I've never written one before... Here are the characters I write for:
~Sirius Black~
~James Potter~
~Remus Lupin~
~Harry Potter~
~Ronald Weasley~
~Hermione Granger~
~Draco Malfoy~
~Neville Longbottom~
~Fred Weasley~
~George Weasley~
~Luna Lovegood~
~Ginny Weasley~
~Seamus Finnigan~
~Dean Thomas~
~Oliver Wood~
~Charlie Weasley~
~Lily Luna Potter~
~Albus Severus Potter~
~James Sirius Potter~
~Scorpius Malfoy~
~Rose Weasley~
~Hugo Weasley~
~You can request other characters as well~



There WILL be gay\lesbian X readers, if you are not comfortable with that SKIP those parts or DO NOT READ this book. Also, there will be swearing, sorry.

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Larkbounce Larkbounce Nov 29, 2017
                              bish please
                              im as cowardly as a damn fly
                              ravenclaw pride since im a smartish cookie
__Weasley__Twins__ __Weasley__Twins__ Apr 13, 2017
Can I just say something. My 'sister' is like everyone in a fandom! Just 'don't mess with me ship!' And 'don't hurt her/him!'
glowingmurdock glowingmurdock Apr 20, 2017
That moment when you have nymphadora tonks hair😂😂 just recently went purple lol
sxphielaura sxphielaura Dec 04, 2017
I‘m a slytherin I‘m NOT going to get into the gryffindor room stop
__Weasley__Twins__ __Weasley__Twins__ Apr 13, 2017
The forth wall is breaking! Out thought Tamaki was bad. But I'm worse!
grayandethanbae grayandethanbae Jul 04, 2017
You know i really thought shed be more of the 'ill kill you if you say on thing about my Fandom'kind of person but i guess not.......😐😐