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Harry Potter: Preferences, Imagines, & One-Shots

Harry Potter: Preferences, Imagines, & One-Shots

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spidermanbxtch By spidermanbxtch Updated Feb 25, 2016

««All characters\places in this fanfiction belong to JK Rowling! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING EXCEPT THE PLOT OF THE ONE-SHOTS ETC!»»

I think the title is pretty self-explanatory...

This is a Harry Potter book of one-shots, preferences, and imagines of your favorite Harry Potter characters, bare with me here... I've never written one before... Here are the characters I write for:
~Sirius Black~
~James Potter~
~Remus Lupin~
~Harry Potter~
~Ronald Weasley~
~Hermione Granger~
~Draco Malfoy~
~Neville Longbottom~
~Fred Weasley~
~George Weasley~
~Luna Lovegood~
~Ginny Weasley~
~Seamus Finnigan~
~Dean Thomas~
~Oliver Wood~
~Charlie Weasley~
~Lily Luna Potter~
~Albus Severus Potter~
~James Sirius Potter~
~Scorpius Malfoy~
~Rose Weasley~
~Hugo Weasley~
~You can request other characters as well~



There WILL be gay\lesbian X readers, if you are not comfortable with that SKIP those parts or DO NOT READ this book. Also, there will be swearing, sorry.

Can I just say something. My 'sister' is like everyone in a fandom! Just 'don't mess with me ship!' And 'don't hurt her/him!'
That moment when you have nymphadora tonks hair😂😂 just recently went purple lol
The forth wall is breaking! Out thought Tamaki was bad. But I'm worse!
Haley_Vader Haley_Vader Mar 25
Me claps 
                              I respect Ginny too much to read this but I did anyway.........
                              Ginny Weasley please forgive me of my disrespect to you!
that_wonhoe that_wonhoe Sep 04, 2016
                              I'm the author of this book, however, I got locked out of the account this book was written on. I'd be happy to continue it on my new account, so if you'd like me too, please just send me requests to this account.
Linxxyboy Linxxyboy Dec 21, 2016
Whelp I'm a Slytherin so I'm surprised the trio even talked to me XD ;-;