SSB4 X Reader One-Shots N' Things

SSB4 X Reader One-Shots N' Things

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Orangebat Trash By LorenoSan Completed

Basic SSB4 one-shots.

Do i really need to say anything else..? 

Oh yeah.
Requests are Open, 
And there will not be any Lemons. 
Possiby not any limes.

Yaoi & Yuri One-shot requests will be accepted.

Villager x reader. (You can do whatever you want with it. Please do it☺)
Hmmm, how bout a Fox x reader? I rarely see any of those. Ooh and the reader is a neko :3
DixieThorn DixieThorn Jun 27
Lemons scare me
                              I think they also scare my puppy and kitten since they're on my shoulders whenever I read a story
Ryiizi Ryiizi Jun 04
Hi! Would you mind doing a Solid Snake x Fem!Reader where they're both sparring?
Pls could u do a Bayonetta x fem or neutral reader pls cuz there isn't hardly any of them anywhere 😊👍
Could you do a Ryu x reader? I understand if you can't as I can see you have plenty more requests :D