Step Brother ♕ Muke au

Step Brother ♕ Muke au

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✨🍄 shy boy 🍄✨ By louisdegrasse Updated Feb 03

"L-Luke," I stood in shock realizing what had just happened.

Lukes eyes widened slightly, realizing what he did too.

He placed his large hands on my scrawny shoulders, looking at me with big blue eyes, full of worry and almost a little bit of regret.

"Michael, oh god please dont tell your mom."




Joya5SOS Joya5SOS Jul 27, 2016
Why is calum always the one Michael uses to make Luke jelly omg nsbdbsndjd
lucasmukeas lucasmukeas Nov 07, 2016
Why you always lying. Why you always lying. Oh mah gawd. Stop fÜCKING LYING
smilirose smilirose Oct 25, 2016
i was literally saying "who the fu- oh i'm a freaking don't stop"
aestheticalymuke aestheticalymuke Aug 26, 2016
*pinches u* *cries bc guilt* iM SORRY BB FORGIVE ME SENPAI
                              I'm weird don't judge me ):
Literally how I imagine michael. A mama's boy 😊 It warms my heart
soleilnoir soleilnoir Feb 06
Everyone is like "babe you know you like it" and I'm just like "fūck, he doesn't want to, consent is key people, consent is key..."