Music Muse [BTS x Reader]

Music Muse [BTS x Reader]

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~LunarExo~ By Otakutots Updated Feb 04

You were only six years old when you met seven young boys at your fathers goodbye party. 
What happens when you meet those boys 11 years later and you find out they are the one and only BTS?

*This Is a Bias Choice Story At The Beginning Only!!*

I do not own Big Hit Entertainment, BTS, or any pictures in this book but I'm simply one hell of a fan so don't send me to jail OK?!

XxMature Content: For Language OnlyxX


The awesome book cover was made by: @celiaceliaych ❤❤❤

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Woozi_wife Woozi_wife May 26
Hold on why does this family seem sexuall?Don't think I'm weird cus 'Daddy' and 'mommy'?!!!Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bruh nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Moya_Chi Moya_Chi Jun 25
... When I was six... 
                              Everytime I looked at a boy, I would look forward to punch them... 😁
                              Somehow, my six year old brain had thought:To make friends with boys, punch them. ✊🏻😇
*COUGHEXPENSIVEGIRLCOUGH* sorry hat something tickling my throat
My room is black. Everything is black. I'm such an emo right now
ChaeyeonChi ChaeyeonChi Jul 27
Wow i’m gonna be so jet lagged, South Korea to South Korea oH mY GarnIs.
Elementalanime Elementalanime a day ago
Why is this comment section so emo lol 
                              actually scratch that
                              RESPECT ZHE COLORS AND COLORS THAT CAN ALSO BE CONSIDERED SHADES WHICH I- *a shoe smacks me in the face* oof