Music Muse [BTS x Reader]

Music Muse [BTS x Reader]

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~LunarExo~ By Otakutots Updated Jan 21

You were only six years old when you met seven young boys at your fathers goodbye party. 
What happens when you meet those boys 11 years later and you find out they are the one and only BTS?

*This Is a Bias Choice Story At The Beginning Only!!*

I do not own Big Hit Entertainment, BTS, or any pictures in this book but I'm simply one hell of a fan so don't send me to jail OK?!

XxMature Content: For Language OnlyxX


The awesome book cover was made by: @celiaceliaych ❤❤❤

I just thought of my cartoon version of my father lifting up a chibi, child, chubby me. It was adorable
Does no one realize that it said seven sons!?! Like dayum that a lot if baybays!
Boi choosing a favorite color is like choosing a bias, thank you very much
May I remind y'all dat their all like 6. Like bih when I was 6 I could draw stick figures dah fug
welp guys looks like im moving from South Korea to South Korea
moshihobi moshihobi Jul 04
my fam's wearing all black... we look like we are going to attend a funeral lmao