Signed Away

Signed Away

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maryash12 By maryash12 Updated 2 days ago

A signature, a signature was all it took for Diane's life to come tumbling down and smashed into a million pieces.

Diane knows what betrayal is. She is the definition of betrayal. She is the walking reminder of the betrayal between a husband and a wife. Betrayal by her family and betrayal by her boyfriend.  After the betrayal comes the humiliation and the disgrace.  

She was forced to leave or more like kicked out with her mother and her baby growing inside her. Her boyfriend makes it crystal clear that he wants nothing to do with her or her baby. 

Fast forward to the present, her ex-boyfriend is in desperate need of her. Or more like, in need of her baby. But Diane is there to remind him about his signature. Her ex-boyfriend and her ex-family are introduced to a new and crazy Diane. They soon learn that you never ever mess with a woman and her children, it would be like goading a fight with a lioness. And that is what Diane is, a lioness who would and is capable of doing anything to protect her family.

And Diane is there to remind him about his signature.
Like I said never mess with a woman and her children!!

i feel for her and her mother but those bastards are gonna regret everything
Collins deserve what ever is happening to him nw assuming he had oder children he wouldn't remember DAT of dinne  I really luv dis  book pls update plsss
Before I read this book, was she involved with a married man?
The things they do is beyond the cruelty people face in school systems today
Gemma_Gx9 Gemma_Gx9 Sep 03, 2016
Why do every one make a fuss about that? Birthdays? I don't see the big deal there.
iCrapRainbows iCrapRainbows Nov 06, 2016
Damn I'll be kicking those crouches right away and for the girls...hmm their tits.