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Old Friends (Wirt x Reader)

Old Friends (Wirt x Reader)

9.3K Reads 443 Votes 27 Part Story
May Cahill By Books_and_fandoms27 Completed

When (y/n) finds herself stuck in a rut during the school year, one adventure with an old friend will change her perspective of everything.

Disclaimer: I realized that I forgot one of these, but I think you all know by now that I didn't write Over the Garden Wall, so I'm only responsible for the new story and characters presented here. Base plot and characters belong to Pat McHale and Cartoon Network.

sacha_lizzy sacha_lizzy Aug 13, 2016
I looked for it but its nowhere to be found nor mentioned in the series
pandasr2cool pandasr2cool Aug 28, 2016
I think it would be me annoying my brother like that with my Star Wars obsession.
Writing_Toast333 Writing_Toast333 Sep 19, 2016
*After doing nothing productive with my life, I got up- leaving an imprint on the sofa- and made my way to my cave.
Writing_Toast333 Writing_Toast333 Sep 19, 2016
Wait. Did someone mention my friend Linda? Because she'd totally do that.
                              She likes tacos more, but she's just a pile of bad decisions. She'd totally do that m8.
skylander45 skylander45 Feb 17
Heres a deal... you have my brother and I have story brother deal? Deal
Writing_Toast333 Writing_Toast333 Sep 19, 2016
So, apparantly my house has completely swapped around. I'm my dad's sister now. Thats some freaky shi-... uh.... shnitzle?