Dumbest Jikook Fanfic Ever

Dumbest Jikook Fanfic Ever

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Kookminist By jikookpie Updated Nov 08

Park Jimin, a nerdy but beautiful gaykind is overly attached to gay fanfictions that he can't even control himself from reading it at least a day. His hormonal world flipped upside down and his wild fantasy to gay fanfiction turns into reality... when he met the school heartthrob, Jeon Jungkook.


15/11/05 @jikookpie
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Mileyisthequie Mileyisthequie 16 hours ago
Really akward Then you are a Yoonmin-shipper, Who is Reading jikook
damnjeon damnjeon Sep 20
im addictid to gay fanfictions too can i date jungkook as well
jikook4eva jikook4eva Nov 07
When did a "little" age difference stop me from doing anything
I know I'm too young to read this, but, oh well, my eyes had been opened enough (courtesy to my bro who left a porn tab open on our laptop) and I'm pretty prone to these kind of things so yeah...
Akuma-Chim Akuma-Chim Sep 25
Oh yeh.....i read this yet i still went and made myself something to eat...k
Akuma-Chim Akuma-Chim Sep 25
Oh good so im just gonna finish eating my cookie rn before it gets ....😏