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Time Travel Is Not A Good Idea (Naruto Fanfiction)

Time Travel Is Not A Good Idea (Naruto Fanfiction)

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pearlsandpotions By pearlsandpotions Updated Apr 03, 2016

Oh just another Naruto time-travel fanfiction where somebody tampers with a scroll and ends up somewhere else. Really,nothing interesting. 
Oh and more Uchiha dramas (maybe? Not really?) You know the one where Sasuke is a papa of the year and Sarada is a little Uchiha princess. Itachi is a closet hentai and Sakura is one herself. Really, nothing interesting.
Lol jk. I promise, it's better than my description. Don't judge a book by its cover (description). 

EXOlover4821 EXOlover4821 Apr 25, 2016
Shikamaru? Are you there?
                              Shikamaru: shut up troublesome woman!
                              Me:*shuts up*
SpiritOfPhoenix SpiritOfPhoenix Aug 24, 2016
that's right sasuke. you got that sakura booty in the future.
SpiritOfPhoenix SpiritOfPhoenix Aug 24, 2016
sarada was formulating her escape from her mother's womb when she was a baby.
                              that's our princess uchiha alright.
Ulove99 Ulove99 Oct 06, 2016
Love the start<3 It's very nice! Ohh I want see it too Sasuke's priceless facial expression1
roger-that roger-that Mar 03, 2016
*trying to not bang head on desk/choke on popcorn because laughing in math*
SunnyBae13 SunnyBae13 May 22, 2016
If only there's a camera. I'd like to see that reaction and keep it in a box.