Life With BTS || Chatroom

Life With BTS || Chatroom

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My imagination of what a BTS chatroom looks like :DD My imagination might go a bit wild but the wilder the better hehe.....

Don't take it too seriously cuz like its all for fun.

Me:*gasps* Taehyung!
                              Taehyung:*in the bathroom* WHAT IN THE FREAKING HELL DO YOU WANT?
                              Me:Jimin just ate a KOOKIE.
                              Taehyung:*barges in all wet with a towel wrapped* I SWEAR TO GOD PARK JIMIN YOU'RE NOT GONNA LIVE AFTER THIS MOMENT BEFORE YOU EVEN GIVE KOOK BACK TO ME
C_kjhne C_kjhne Aug 02
I seriously wanna go to kookie and pinch his cheeks when he says that to me in person xD
ohmyjams ohmyjams Sep 09
When you've been trying to find a chatroom that doesn't ship vmin jikook or Vhope because it kills your favorite ships (vkook, Yoonminseok)
dessigonzu dessigonzu Apr 23
Yeah, you're right!
                              YOU'RE A FLIPPING FETUS!
                              Kookie: AM NOT! I'M LEGAL NOW!
                              Me: 🎶Say what you want, say what you want
                              Niga jinjjaro wonhaneun ge mwoya 🎶
                              Kookie: Are you even listening?! 
                              Me: 🎶WHATCHA SAY🎶
                              Kookie: FÜCK THIS! *walks away*
                              Jin: LANGUAGE!
                              Me: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
- - Jun 14
The first thing that comes to mind is episode 11 of EXO Showtime. Haha!!!
MoonMul MoonMul Jun 11
Even if you have freacking abs and arm muscles you still ma fetus