Again [Wattys2017]

Again [Wattys2017]

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Rashmita B By HazelEyes_1 Completed

Eleanor Sanchez is not your normal seventeen year old girl living in a quiet suburban neighborhood on the outskirts of New York City. She has a price to pay almost everyday for loving her friends and family. Everybody knows about her past but nobody knows about the dark scars it had given her and how she deals with it.

She didn't know she could hate with passion until the extremely rude and dangerously handsome Devon Parker arrives in the neighborhood with a mysterious air around him...

The enigma in him suffocated her. His reckless passion for her burned her. Will he reduce her to ashes or will his fiery obsession help her rise again?

When everyone talks about the chocolates and I be like hey, great expectations lol.
Ian Somerhalder. 
                              oh my gosh.
                              That is a Greek God right there.
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excuse you, if you really liked him you would have made the first move.
sultryrih sultryrih Aug 15
Yes Victoria. Finally there's a brown girl and not a white girl as the lead
strongstuff strongstuff Mar 08
Ps pls search ian somerhalder if u dont know this fine piece of art