My Possessive Mates (Boyxboyxboy) {Short Story}

My Possessive Mates (Boyxboyxboy) {Short Story}

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Mysterious Unicorn By Suck_My_Rainbow887 Completed

A town where Everyone knows about werewolves living there is not something you come across your everyday life, which is why John and his son move here. He thinks it'll be good for him, hell maybe he'll have a mate, Alcide's had a rough past with his ex boyfriends and his mother.

When Alcide James moves to a new town with his Dad he finds himself in a very hot and awkward position in his new life.
On his first day of school he meets the schools sexy and possessive twins and they won't let him be,but he kinda likes it.

Kane and Pane are the alpha's of the black moon pack. When a new kid comes to school they realize that he's their mate. The only problem is that their too over protective and possessive. Everyone wants these guys but they only want a certain guys attention.

Gunnaboo Gunnaboo Oct 29, 2016
Me every freaking morning but then I end up snoozing for 30 mins and then I have 10 mins to get ready
KatrinePaul KatrinePaul Sep 15, 2016
Benefits of having mate of the same gender: you can go into the same washroom without looking like a perv
MadHatterLollie MadHatterLollie Sep 11, 2016
This reminds me of an episode of Shameless where Veronica was arguing with Kevin and then he said "Bye I love you." And kissed her cheek
blackmagicglow blackmagicglow May 06, 2016
If your so hungry why are you only eating apple slices and yogurt?? That's not even a lunch. It's barely a breakfast. Bruhhhh😂🚀🚀
I did that once,  I woke up and it was 10:30 I had to rush my ass to school!!  Never doing that again!
anothercrazyalien anothercrazyalien Oct 13, 2016
I usually have two alarms one at 7 am and another at 7:30 because I keep procrastinating and then I get up at 7:45... and still have time to read a few chapters on wattpad. I get ready fast or so I think