My Vampire Prince

My Vampire Prince

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Jamie Smothers By Country_chick33 Completed

Dakota Hale is your average teen age girl. She has brown hair and blue/green eyes. She lives with her Mom, Dad and her brother, Cameron.

Grayson Smith has blonde hair and dark green eyes. He looks like any other person would but, he is keeping a secret. He's  a vampire. What happens when Dakota finds out his secret?

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Y_M_B_N Y_M_B_N Aug 06
WAIT so u just meet a guy and go to his house. Is that even safe or allowed.
Fey-Lyn Fey-Lyn Mar 19
Where is the text? All I'm getting is the picture and the cast?
menchcuci menchcuci Jun 08
When you can't read any farther because a guy at your school has the name Grayson, and your holding a grudge
Vampires turn humans to vampire not wolf turn humans to wolf.
Those must be really long songs bc it said to set to school it takes 45 minutes
angelachiew angelachiew Nov 23, 2016
Hahaha omg!! Ur cast is the exact one I was thinking😂😂👍