Back To School (Drarry Fanfic)

Back To School (Drarry Fanfic)

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TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of SELF HARM, EATING DISORDERS, offensive language towards LGBT+ (Check for more before reading new updates.)

Hogwarts is back in session. Headmistress McGonagall has decided everyoe under age will be retaking the year the just graduated seeing as proper teaching was thrown out the window. So this year there will be double the first years. As for over aged students, they may retake seventh year if they wish. She also believes a resorting should be set for anyone wanting once. I mean the war had drastic effects on anyone involved or with family involved. 

Hermione Granger will be attending and is dragging along her boyfriend and best friend. Harry Potter is secretly thankful for this as he can't take the silence of his new home. Plus, if he stays home dwelling on his girlfriend's, Ginny, death any longer he might go insane. 

Draco Malfoy will be attending to get away from the Malfoy Manor which is filled with fighting. He can't wait to go back to school.

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Imagine Gryffindork Draco and Slytherin harry and Draco becomes friends with the rest of the golden trio and harry becomes friends with the rest of the silver trio (pansy and blaise)
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