Bender x Reader - Futurama

Bender x Reader - Futurama

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Rosalina Thornewood By RosalinaThorne Updated Nov 13

You (the reader) are a neko (you can turn into a cat). 
AMAZING cover by @DelsyDivideBy0 ! Thanks so much!

Bender: Hey, meatbag? Where's the booze you promised? 
Me: You'll need it after this. *evil laughter*

This is my first "x Reader" so please don't kill me! I'm making it unlike any other kinds of "x Readers". I'm making it more of an adventure. Not that I have any problem with other kinds of "x Readers", I'm just changing up this one :) 

It MAY SEEM really long, but it isn't, I promise. The chapters are super short (and suspenseful) so please enjoy!!

That picture 
                              Just make me wanna 
                              *Tries to steal it but instead cracks her fingers* AH! MY FINGERS!
I actually like this book because you are able to keep it Interesting  so keep up the good work :3
This one looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good makes my artwork look like dirt 😍