Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

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MaybeManhattan By MaybeManhattan Updated Feb 24

They called him insane. They called her beautiful. He was a murderer. She was innocent. He terrorized Miami. She resided in Boston. However different they were, the two opposite individuals were about to clash worlds... 

Grimm, as he is known by the public, is a wanted criminal.  He is an anarchist who believes only the competent survive.  A mountain of muscle, a well-known and greatly feared gang leader, richer than the royals, and a cold-hearted killer, Grimm considers himself very competent.  Involved in everything from drug sales to bar fights, bank robberies to sex trade, Grimm will never expect the green-eyed beauty who is Nova Eklund. 

Living in Boston, Massachusetts, Nova focused on her studies and stayed out of trouble.  Unbeknownst to her, trouble knows no stranger.  She will be kidnapped and sent face-first into the world of violence and lawlessness. Nova will be devastated when Grimm kicks her life out from under her.  

But Grimm doesn't know that it won't be too much longer before he's willing to die for Nova... and kill for her. 

Read along as Grimm's obsession with Nova becomes horrifyingly evident, as she discovers the thin line between love and insanity. Soon, her Stockholm Syndrome will become the least of her problems...

Wow I feel really bad. But I found that really hot, I swear I need help.
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My baby Jesus I legit had a mini panic attack when I saw jax he can have my babies
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Mean. Rude. Crazy. Impractical. Preposterous. Sicko. Psycho. Loony.