daddy issues.

daddy issues.

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    Taehyung tries not to notice the new kid in class. 

    "The new kid is kind of cute, huh?" His best friend, Jimin, nudges Taehyung's shoulder when he says this, and Taehyung ignores him. He didn't have time to focus on Jimin's immature remarks. Instead, he returns to his book and tries to disregard the teacher's voice.

    "Alright everyone, mouths closed and eyes up here." Ms. whatever-her-name-is orders, and all of the talking in the room ceases. Taehyung feels the teacher glaring at him, and he sighs and shuts his book, too tired to start an argument that would end with a detention on his end.

   "We have a new student as of today transferring from the states overseas. Please introduce yourself to the class." The teacher steps aside, allowing the new kid to be the center of attention.

  "My name is Jeon Jungkook, and it's a pleasure to meet you all. I look forward to having a good year here at Ashton Academy." Jungkook says in a calm tone, and Taehyung loo...

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bigtaesty and kookiemonster. i wonder which one seems like more of the fuckboi
What did he mean by DMs? How do you slide in that? Is he referring to one of the slides in those water parks? Cause no, those are too scary for me. Oh wow wait, my phone has a flashlight! How cool! Technology is so cool.
The first thing kookiemonster did when he came to school is find tae on instagram lol desperate much ?
I literally live on instagram and I'm not talking about my personal.
I heard this is pretty good so I'm here because I obviously have nothing else to do
-gaywords -gaywords 19 hours ago
I firstly read this book in spanish, let's find out how good my english is lmao.