The Elementalists

The Elementalists

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Percy&PotterObsessor By katyluvbug22 Updated Jan 15, 2016

"Coming back from the dead? Check. Weird powers? Double check. Now, what's missing? Oh yeah. Life threatening situations. Oh wait, yeah, that's there too. Great. I'm dead. Again."

     Blaire Carter was dead. Now she's living again, along with three other complete strangers, and each has special powers over an element. Why has she been brought back to life? Why have the others? She doesn't know what to make of her situation, and she doesn't have time to ponder on it. Her life, Cade's, Lena's and Michael's lives are all in danger. Well, their new lives. There are Things, people, and a demon looking for them, hunting them down. They all want one thing: they want those kids dead.
"What the heck was I thinking? That was extremely stupid of me," Blaire said, scolding herself.
"Well, why are you asking me? I don't know, ask yourself. But I agree, that was extremely 'git headed' of you."

     Cade Watson, along with Lena, Blaire, and Michael, came back from the dead. He thinks it's awesome. But more danger lurks around the corner than Cade thinks. Shadows hold news terrors. The light holds new threats. And there is little time left to find, much less stop, Dämon, the worst nightmare anyone could think of. 

     While trying to control newly found powers, the fate of the balance between good and evil rests in the palms of these teenagers' hands, and one wrong move could tip the scales drastically in the worst way possible.

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jennalion16 jennalion16 Dec 03, 2015
LOVING IT!!!!!! Especially how you ended it 
                              With that ending you make sure they will count down the days when you will post the next chapter!!! :D
gofishie3141 gofishie3141 Nov 08, 2015
Hey KK!! It's Penguin, I found you! I can't wait to keep reading your story, and hopefully I'll have mine up soon. How about we give an honest comment for every couple chapters or every noteworthy one, at least? :)