Possessive Stranger [BoyXBoy]

Possessive Stranger [BoyXBoy]

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Rihhhhh By Drixton17 Updated a day ago


That's the first thing that he said to me since the day we met.


He announced anytime he saw me around anyone else that wasn't him.


He'd roar whenever I was seen with someone other than him.

And that's what I didn't get. He spoke words of possession. To him, there was no him and I. There was only an us. But I didn't understand. 

He kept his eyes on me, he protected me from harms way even without my knowledge sometimes and he stayed glued to my side, whether I knew he was there or not. All of those times were sweet and generous. And I appreciated it all, honestly. But the thing that made all of it difficult was...

I didn't even know him.

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