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I Was Born In The Tiger's Den

I Was Born In The Tiger's Den

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fucking Voldemort By Mousedapple Updated Jan 12

(Super nice cover made by Flakeshadow!)

Darkness has fallen on the Clans. The tyrannical Tigerstar, with the help of the savage cats of BloodClan, has taken over the forest. United under what is now TigerClan, the ex-warriors of ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ThunderClan live as rogues, or have left to become kittypets.

Meanwhile, the sun has disappeared behind a thick layer of dark gray storm clouds. A permanent leaf-bare sets in, and many cats die.

A young cat, half-BloodClan and half-ShadowClan, chosen by Tigerstar as his personal medicine cat, receives a sign from StarClan that could possibly save the warrior code and its way of life. In order to save everything, however, she must find a way to take out the two most powerful cats to exist, along with their entire Clans of cold-blooded killers.

princesstoad1998 princesstoad1998 7 days ago
hey,do you think i could use the picture,i need it for something.
Ooooo! Very interesting, if only I could dream of Warrior cats. But I seem to always forget so even if I do i wont remember :(
Flakeshadow Flakeshadow Dec 07, 2016
I just now realized that I havent been voting! I read the book thus far and love it! (I read it before I made the cover so I knew what should be on it!)
Thrushstar Thrushstar Sep 08, 2016
I read the description for this story and i almost cried because youre such a creative and magnificent writer
                              Th e world NEEDS more people like you
My God! That is the best, most engaging description I have ever seen! You should probably put a spoiler alert tho
Fruit_Spice Fruit_Spice Jan 31
Omgosh i cant wait to read!!! The cover is almost exactly what i have! I just have 'warriors' written across the top!