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Anime Girl x Male Reader OneShots

Anime Girl x Male Reader OneShots

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Matt McCoy By LordOfWinter Updated Aug 14, 2016

The title says it all, Request Are Closed

                              If i want good clothes
                              I need 10k
                              I need the good threads
                              For the women C;
Craden123 Craden123 Aug 30, 2016
Protag: yes I know we were just best friends a second ago but I really want to tap that now that you have a human form
AeronSky AeronSky Apr 18, 2016
I have two requests.
                              1. Flannery the gym leader from pokemon and male reader
                              2. Coco from rwby and male reader
                              Oh could you tag the anime the  original character girl came from? It helps readers because not every reader knows every anime and its characters in it.
Alucard-Tepes Alucard-Tepes Oct 15, 2016
Imagine you have all delsin's (infamous) powers alex (prototype) powers and all the omnitrix aliens powers I do its awesome.
Smartmoe Smartmoe Jul 07, 2016
Crap i look like ash my fav colors are blue and red and black hair
infinitdarkness infinitdarkness Aug 06, 2016
Highlight of your life I decided to read a book where I fell inlove  with a Pokemon that can be a human