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Arranged Marriage To A Cold Arrogant Jerk! (Mingyu Fanfic/Seventeen Fanfic)

Arranged Marriage To A Cold Arrogant Jerk! (Mingyu Fanfic/Seventeen Fanfic)

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Kim Hye Jin is a cheerful bright girl. She is always happy and make others around her happy. Mingyu is a cold, arrogant and jerk that gets his own way when he wants. 

Hye Jin Is not rich but Mingyu is filthy rich. The two do not know each other but their parents know each other in fact bestfriends.  

Mingyu's parent helped Hye Jin's parents because Mr and Mrs Kim always helped Mingyu's parents to become rich. They planned for the two to get married..

Will the marriage work out?
Will the two love?
Will it have a bad ending?
Will it never work out?

Find out here!

Woaah.. my mom does not even dare to touch my bts collection
HuangShiya HuangShiya Jan 20
Gurl you should be lucky it wasn't Tao or you'll get kicked. He loves his Gucci. 😂
abishappy abishappy Jan 02
uh i thought shes a bright and cheerful girl who makes others happy ?
KazAmy KazAmy Sep 10, 2016
OMFG😡 Ima break this bitches face! WTF *breathes in and out a couple times* It's okay... It's not real
zyxzds zyxzds May 26, 2016
me when everything gets confiscated... my babiess ANDWAEEEEE
ihope20 ihope20 Jan 21
Lol when I said I AM not marrying him I pointed with the Finger in the air and then I read she pointed with the Finger at him😂😂magic