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Fell For My Bully [Book 1]

Fell For My Bully [Book 1]

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mUsiCal TrAsH By swageyama315 Completed

Hinata Shouyou is depressed. All because of one person. Kageyama as caused him trouble since the day Hinata came out as bisexual. Hinata is afraid of him.  He is cruel and tall. He as a scary demeanor. Yet, the raven haired boy is holding a deep secret. He's gay.

(Lovely new cover is not mine, credit goes to @Rachelispan)

onlinefun onlinefun Jun 01
Being dorky is actually a good thing in my opinion. It means your a cutie with a sense of humor, that's smart. :P
Everyone is an idiot
                              gay straight pan bi ace and everything in between or out
                              Especially dogs. Like stop with the poop eating...
kkenma kkenma May 19
me?? except i'm not bi i'm questioning myself but i'm pretty sure i'm gAU
I should'da thought this through cuz recently my depression is acting up again and I'm tryna be like "this was relatable in the past only only only pls" and just what is love
                              baby don't hurt me
                              don't hurt me
                              no more
kkenma kkenma May 20
head butt him and don't look back, runaway to mexico and legally name yourself esteban julio ricardo montoya de la rosa ramirez
Errinnionic Errinnionic Jun 11
It's sad because I know exactly how he feels and I just want to wrap him up and take him home...kageyama can get lost...this precious bean is mine