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Fell For My Bully

Fell For My Bully

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mUsiCal TrAsH By swageyama315 Completed

Hinata Shouyou is depressed. All because of one person. Kageyama as caused him trouble since the day Hinata came out as bisexual. Hinata is afraid of him.  He is cruel and tall. He as a scary demeanor. Yet, the raven haired boy is holding a deep secret. He's gay.

(Lovely new cover is not mine, credit goes to @Rachelispan)

"weird kid who sits at the back of the class drawing and reading a manga about two guys" 
                              He just insulted all off the fandom.
                              Btw good thing there is more anime lovers in my class bc half of class is just as weird as me
NO!!! DON'T DIE!!!!! YOU BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE!!!!!!! DON'T LISTEN TO THEM!!!! I'M HERE FOR YOU!!!! *Hugs him while crying like an idiot*
I'm just the weird tall anime and manga loveing dork! But hey! Everyone's to scared to talk to me anyways
That description completely sums me up just it would be brown hair
Gonna have to agree. If I'm being stereotypical I hate white straight people the most. I mean I hate everyone and I'm ashamed to call myself human so you shouldn't be too a fended
I'm here questioning who I am.
                              I'll go for who ever I love no matter girl or guy