Double The Trouble?!

Double The Trouble?!

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Late Night Dreaming By TheQuietScares_Me Updated Apr 21, 2017

Ya know what sucks, finding your mother and father in the bathroom dead. Ya know what else sucks, having no family to fall on after that. But what really sucks is being adopted by your sexy twin step brothers. Oh where are my manners. I'm Lilly Marie James, daughter of Mary and Tyler James. Well my life was awesome up until last month, my mom and dad were loving until then we were a happy family then things started going down hill mom started drinking and dad stayed at work til who knows what time. They stopped caring I still don't know why, then one night I desire to come home and BAM just like that my world ended, I knew something was wrong I go up stairs and try looking for them I their room, then I look at the sight before me.

Join Lilly in her adventure with secrets, lies, and powers? What happens when she has people after her, and mysterious step brothers that are keeping things from her? Warning: all rights reserved, please don't steel my ideas!

*My book is not edited so don't read it if your gonna complain about it!!!:)*

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  • romance
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Banana__Bread Banana__Bread Oct 16, 2016
I face palmed because the first thing that came to mind reading her name was OMG ITS HARRY POTTER RELATED