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Fin's Claim

Fin's Claim

5.5M Reads 272K Votes 122 Part Story
Whiskey Queenn By rmills75 Completed

Highest Ranking #1

Winner of the 2016 Fiction Award 

This is the second book In Grey's Tribute.....

Jealousy is an evil thing, it crawls up your spine wrapping it's vileness around your body, hissing it's thoughts in your ears.

Your insecurities are pushed to the forefront burying your reason in a layer of black....

Fin has been saving himself for his mate only to find out that she gave away her virtue to another male...that male being his twin can they possibly move forward from that when all that consumes him is jealousy of what was done so long can Fin forgive Victoria when in her jealousy she killed the pregnant female carrying his son...

How do you ever move on from mistakes of the past....does the hurt and betrayal stay anchored to you weighing you down forever or can you remove that weight and begin to forgive and be what the both of you were born to be.

Disclaimer: There can be only one Alpha and Victoria is not it!!!!!

Mature content, sexual and violent, Luna's are below the Alpha it doesn't mean that the alpha doesn't love her, it means he is the leader...the head and she stands on his right behind him!

One question....
                              Is this book set after Grey meets Meela or before he meets her?
I hate her at the moment only because I know Grey's is Melaa's mate
*breathes in and out* This is before Meela no reason to murder him....yet
amsmhmmm amsmhmmm 5 days ago
Why is this the third time I'm reading this book in 4 months? WHY IS IT SO GOOOOOOD
Interesting to read this after hearing about it in Grey's book. To me Fin is an entitled jerk.
Does no one realize that there are more sexualities than just straight and gay???