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One Girl, A Host Club And Two Vampires!? ( Ouran High School Host Club x Vampire Knight crossover )

One Girl, A Host Club And Two Vampires!? ( Ouran High School Host Club x Vampire Knight crossover )

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Alli By Alli_Pandi Updated Jun 05

{OC Insert}
Aiko Kuran, the second child of Haruka and Juri Kuran was the light and treasure of the Kuran family.
She had what she wanted, a loving family and being engaged to her brother who loves her.
Happy life for her right?
When her sister Yuki was born, Aiko became forgotten as her family's attention was on her sister.
Her parents changed Kaname's engagement from Aiko to Yuki.
She was neglected, lonely and mostly mad at her family.
But she then started to shut everyone out.
Due to her family neglecting her, they didn't notice when she ran to her uncle Rido and her cousin Shiki for comfort.
When Rido attacked the Kuran family as he was mainly mad at them from neglecting their first princess and for other reasons, Aiko went with Kaname to give Yuki (Who is now human) to their friend, Kaien Cross who wishes for Vampires and humans to co-exist.
Soon after, Kaien adopted Zero who was attacked by a Pureblood Vampire and turned into a Vampire. 
When Kaname and Aiko visit Yuki, Aiko would ignore her sister and spend her time there with Zero, making Zero develop a huge crush on her despite the fact that she was a Pureblood Vampire.
Slowly, Aiko stopped from shutting out people.
Years passed, Aiko had her brother in love with her as well as Zero, her best friend.
Aiko loved them both the same way but when she overheard them telling Yuki that they loved her and not Aiko, she was heartbroken. 
Aiko then ran away a day after when it started to snow heavily.
Aiko then nearly died from the cold if it wasn't for Tamaki Suoh bringing her home to help her.
Tamaki's father then adopted her, changing her surname to Suoh.
Aiko was then sent to Ouran Academy then became a part of Ouran Academy, a private school for the wealthy.
She then met the Host Club and joined then became the school's female idol and singer in the school's band.
What happens when a huge group representing Cross Academy is sent to Ouran for an exchange program?

Czyraax Czyraax Apr 10
                              WRONG PLACE.
IvanTheGayest IvanTheGayest Mar 07, 2016
I think Bitchy-Yuki shall not pass * does the Gandalf pose *
Oh no, it's okay. I can wait, I think Yuki will be born soon though....In a another family
lisaluna456 lisaluna456 Dec 29, 2016
Yah, my family always favors my young or older siblings, and make fun of me all the time
JamieDelaney3 JamieDelaney3 Aug 28, 2016
How can they explain that?!?! They just said " only daughter" " only sister"
VanillaVanity VanillaVanity Jan 28, 2016
Reading the summary Aiko's life is complicated af. I never even thought a OHSHC/VK was possible, so kudos to author-chan's creativity! I'm really looking forward to this c: