Androphobia (Haikyuu! X Reader)

Androphobia (Haikyuu! X Reader)

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(Various Haikyuu!! Characters x Fem!Reader)

Androphobia, is the abnormal and persistent fear of men. Like with all fears, the fear of men is also ingrained or pre-programmed as an 'instinctual response to potential danger'. Such a phobia can afflict men and women, but is typically seen in younger females.

[Name] has suffered from it for 2 years after she graduated from the middle school. No one knows how and why it could happen to her. It's a secret she keep only for herself.

Like a duck surrounded by foxes. [Name] is helpless around men.

Her body will tremble, pale, cold, her breathing will go unstable and she couldn't even move. If there's something she could wish to be disappear from her life, it would be men. 

But on the other side of herself, she also want to be cured, to be normal just like she used to. She wants to recover no matter what, she's tired from running away in every second she saw them. 

But fear is fear. 

Will she be able to recover with some help from men that brought her down to the ground, steal her kiss, cornered her, or even men whom break her? Will it get worse when those men starting to get attached on her? 

How it will turn when one of them was the cause of her androphobia?

Is there any way for her to love what she fears the most? 

Reverse Harem, [Name]'s pairing focus on:
1. Hinata Shoyo
2. Kageyama Tobio
3. Tsukishima Kei
4. Yamaguchi Tadashi
5. Nishinoya Yuu
6. Kozume Kenma 
7. Kuroo Tetsuro 
8. Bokuto Kotaro 
9. Akaashi Keiji 
10. Oikawa Tooru 
11. Iwaizumi Hajime 
12. Ushijima Wakatoshi 
13. Shirabu Kenji 
14. Sakusa Kiyoomi 
15. Miya Atsumu 
16. Miya Osamu 

©Haikyuu!! owned by Haruichi Furudate
©Androphobia storyline owned by authorchannn
©Arts used on this book mostly aren't mine. I got them from google and pinterest

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AkiraTetsuo AkiraTetsuo May 06
I hate boys..... Im so sorry to all the boys out there... but there's a reason...
Hate the most? I hate the me who can do nothing when I really can
Of course there is, people have things their scared of , be it me or you
AkiraTetsuo AkiraTetsuo May 06
My sister.... she always come to my room just to hug and give me kisses... at first you'll think it's sweet but not if when she always see me she'd rush to me and give me some hugs and kisses... we always see everyday cause it's vacation... so it kind of creepy I guess
Seleiliny Seleiliny Apr 30
Sooooo.... I'm gonna love clowns one day... ahh hell nah man!
AkiraTetsuo AkiraTetsuo Apr 25
Losing everyone's expectations... you know the feeling that maybe if you fail they'll hate you...