The Heart Of A Genius (A Criminal Minds Fan Fic)

The Heart Of A Genius (A Criminal Minds Fan Fic)

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angel_girl127 By angel_girl127 Updated Oct 31

After the tragic death and rape of her twin sister Dr.Mercy Johnson has had her heart set on joining the FBI more precisely The Behavioral Analysis Unit (The BAU).  She is finally  given the opportunity to work with the BAU that's when she meets ... 

Dr.Spencer Reid a certified genius with a passion for books. Mercy soon realizes that she has more in common with Dr.Spencer Reid than she thought and she soon begins to develop feelings for Spencer. 

The question is does he feel the same way?

@twentyonegummybearz  Thank you so much for letting me know :))
The first time I read this I thought ssa meant Super secret agent lol I'm so dumb
This story is really great. Just wanted to say you miss spelled academics.❤not trying to be rude or anything.