Scream For Me | The Vampire Diaries

Scream For Me | The Vampire Diaries

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❝The very essence of romance is uncertainty.❞

Riley Sommers had a seemingly perfect life right up until her aunt and uncle passed away. Add the supernatural to the mix and you get hell. Through ups and downs with friendship, love, alliances, and betrayal, Riley realizes it's too late to turn around. No matter the odds, she has to be ready for what's to come in order to protect the people she loves. 

The Vampire Diaries
Season 1-?

Honestly I believe it should be Stephan or Bekah (maybe even Matt) because the deserve to be happy
Popzy1 Popzy1 Sep 02
YES! I love reading stories that haveJenna had her mum! I don't know why, but it's fun to read ...
I really want it to be Klaus but it's probably too late for me to even say anything about it....
QueenOribia QueenOribia Oct 16, 2016
Lydia and Jenna look so alike and there not even in the same universe!
I knnnnnooooowwwww!!!! I Want To Bec Heeeeerrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VoidKatie VoidKatie Aug 01, 2016
This is a really cool idea except Jenna is like 25 and if you are going into your junior year you are 16 so...