Scream For Me | The Vampire Diaries

Scream For Me | The Vampire Diaries

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кαу By alexxturners Updated Feb 19


❝You must survive the breaking
to live through the healing.❞

In which with ups and downs with loyalty, love, alliances, betrayal, and of course the supernatural, Riley has to be ready for what's to come in order to protect the people she loves because in this world, nothing is as it seems. 

The Vampire Diaries
[Season 1-8]
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fallengardea fallengardea Nov 28, 2017
My friend recommended this for me... I thank her.. But mostly i thank the author... THANK YOU!!
isn't that from one of the first episodes in season 3b? when kira 'overheard' them talking about Bardo?
Everything was great but I noticed that you wrote almost everything twice
Sounds like something my best friend would say, well except she forgets the joke part
an iq of 170 probably very unlikely. because albert einstein’s is 160 and steven hawking is about 162.
TatiannaDavis4 TatiannaDavis4 Aug 04, 2017
Honestly I believe it should be Stephan or Bekah (maybe even Matt) because the deserve to be happy