Deliverance [malexmale]

Deliverance [malexmale]

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[Book 16] There are worse things than being dead, and right now, existing is that worst thing for Menoetius. Brought back to life against his will to participate in a war that could decide the fate of the world, Menoetius finds himself struggling with his feelings for Hannibal, and for a new player in the game. But things only go further south when it's revealed Menoetius's true purpose in this war, as the Key of Atlantis...


[Warning: Contains graphic adult themes]
[Trigger: Self-harm, Rape]

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Julhed Julhed May 20
There was warning for self harm and rape😥
                              This book is gonna fu*ck me up
MsEmmaJane MsEmmaJane May 11
Cuz he wants to help even if he doesn’t like you, not only for your feelings for his husband, but for all the years of pain you caused his husband.
MarQaroll MarQaroll May 30
I kinda don't like Cain, either...Still having a hard time with that. THEO, on the other hand, is adorable. Heck, I probably like Hades more than I like Cain.
MsEmmaJane MsEmmaJane May 11
I am confusion? I wanna say it’s meno but like...confusion
It would make sense if it's Menoetius since he still has feelings for Hannibal.
I like how there are quotes like
                              "I'm only able to call you mine in my dreams."
                              or something similar, then look at this.