Deliverance [malexmale]

Deliverance [malexmale]

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Rotty By rotXinXpieces Completed

[Book 4 to Atlantis Saga] There are worse things than being dead, and right now, existing is that worst thing for Menoetius. Brought back to life against his will to participate in a war that could decide the fate of the world, Menoetius finds himself struggling with his feelings for Hannibal, and for a new player in the game. But things only go further south when it's revealed Menoetius's true purpose in this war, as the Key of Atlantis...


Warning: Contains graphic adult themes and super gay shit.
TRIGGER WARNING: Self-harm, Rape

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ForevermoreSoul ForevermoreSoul Nov 27, 2016
I really hope Theo finds you and tears you into little pathetic shreds...
MaddieLizW MaddieLizW Oct 16, 2016
Insult him again and I will castrate you with a rubber band and a spoon
MackenzieAliciaX MackenzieAliciaX Nov 17, 2016
Excuse me fuckb0y but you have now insulted two of my babies and I will feel no remorse for the painful death you surely deserve. Hannibal and Theo are perfect.
risephil risephil Nov 30, 2016
So he's probably going to die in a pinstriped fedora this guy's life can't get any more sad
MackenzieAliciaX MackenzieAliciaX Nov 17, 2016
You back up off my Theo, he is the epitome of perfection and you will treat him as such or feel the wrath of Hades
OhMyGlobSoCliche189 OhMyGlobSoCliche189 Nov 07, 2016
Monethius sweetie you better wash your hands of the filth when you get back to were you're stayin, ok?