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I'm Straight I Swear!? (BoyxBoy)

I'm Straight I Swear!? (BoyxBoy)

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Kai By Erroribus Updated Apr 10, 2014

Colin Jane is a homophobe, he hates gays, he hates gay so much that he beat one to death. But due to the misshandling of evidence and a 3000 an hour lawyer he walks free. Or so he thinks...until he wakes up the next morning invisible to both of his parents, with a curse that can only be removed if Colin can make one of the gays in his small town, the only people still able to see him, fall in love with him.

I hate that people can feel that way about gays/lesbians sexuality because its different then theirs😡😠
Fùck this shiț. So done with this. He does not have a right to do that to a person because of their sexuality. It's a sexuality not a personality. I am so triggered rn it's not even funny. 😤😤
I hope he changes... bc I can't really blame him for behaving that way although killing someone is WAY out of line but he was also raised to be homophobic.
God never put in Ten Commandments don't be gay but you know what he did put. DON'T KILL PEOPLE ! so who's in the wrong here ?
I hope he doesn't get a happy ever after. I know he's a main character but he don't deserve it.
THIS BITCH !? People go to jail for no reason locked up for years but of course a rich white Christian  boy gets away with murder