Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo:Volume 1

Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru soudesu yo:Volume 1

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Ryan Lim By RyanLim929 Updated Nov 04, 2015

Part 1

It was early summer.

Sakamaki Izayoi was enjoying the sweet fragrance of early summer at the riverbank. Admiring the sun, he muttered to himself "Ah, found a dark spot. Maybe the sun really is entering a glacial period."

His motto was "The heavens did not create man above myself" and he seemed to prefer global warming to global cooling.

He had no inclination to go to school, so instead he tried to think of ways to play around at the riverbank while still wearing a uniform, but any he could think of would be embarrassing if seen by strangers. And if he were to be seen by someone he knew, they would end up pointing a finger at his back afterwards for sure.

"There's gotta be something fun going on."

Taking off his headphones, he heard the voices of a group of delinquents standing around wearing long coats with "Fighting Spirit" written on them. In the middle, there was a boy being beaten up by them, and forced to kneel and apologize.

"Hey, this is terrific, this guy is reall...

Is this the same as the anime but written? Or is there a difference like an oc or a different plot?