2p! Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

2p! Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

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Arthur Kirkland (UK) By Arthur_Kirkland03 Updated Jan 08

Hello and welcome to my 2p! Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios!

I will be doing:

2p! Englnad
2p! Canada
2p! America
2p! Russia
2p! North Italy
2p! South Italy

I will possibly add in characters if you request them!
Also updates might be slow since I have another scenario story to make/to be tending to. Plus I have school, so please be patient.


Elizabeth_the_Ember Elizabeth_the_Ember Jul 26, 2016
I know I'm at least 5'7" and that's tall for my age! I also love drawing stuff like that.
haleyexe haleyexe Sep 16, 2016
OK If you live in canada, reply so we can be freinds! I want to go to canada! so reply!
_aph_Hungary_ _aph_Hungary_ Jul 04, 2016
When I saw "Luci" I immediately thought, "Goddamit Lucifer, go back to Supernatural and stop possessing Cas! "
AlixDerogan AlixDerogan Nov 19, 2016
Bruh, the f--k. I need to paint some more, don't just drag me away in the middle of my work! *over dramatic panda*
GrumpyCatWriter101 GrumpyCatWriter101 Jul 07, 2016
I really wanted author chan to put an actual number so that someone would call it
Dae-chan Dae-chan Sep 19, 2016
*is being kidnapped* 
                              *questions what is happening and doesn't struggle*
                              Welp.... I am property now I guess