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Dark Witch ~ The Originals FanFic

Dark Witch ~ The Originals FanFic

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Wan-Tawn By Wan-Tawn Updated Jun 09, 2016

Faye was only five when her parents died. A rogue night-walker losing control and ending up killing her parents. He was after Faye, but instead she twisted his neck killing him for a short time. Marcel King of the French Quarter came just in time to take the vampire away and take Faye in as his own daughter. She is a witch, but not a witch of the French Quarter Coven making it a question as to where she's from. But has she grew Marcel spoiled her with many things but she was always thankful for what she had and took his gifts anyway as a reminder of how lucky she is to have Marcel has a father. She became a sweet, strong, innocent, caring, independent, beautiful, sarcastic, loving women earning everyone's attention and respect. Marcel teaching her how to fight as he understood the fact that she did not want to use her powers. Marcel wanted her to be the best and most talented, she is able to play any instrument that she's knows of. When she finished college Marcel allowed her to go on her own for awhile and explore the world. She knows about her special abilities and tries her best to hide it feeling strange and out of place while living with Marcel. And now she returns home excitement rising as she can not wait to see Marcel and the rest of the family.

I bet the director didn't even care if the siblings looked alike. It probably went like this
                              Random person:we need people to play they mikaelsons 
                              Director:  I DONT CARE JUST GET SOME MODELS THAT CAN ACT
lovieduff lovieduff Jun 08
Klaus was like a dad to marcel,
                              Which would make Faye klaus's granddaughter, 
                              Which means that klaus is in love with his granddaughter,
                              And she with her grandfather😫
Klaus dearest.... you always want girls. So it's not surprising