We are not dating | n.s |

We are not dating | n.s |

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NiallStyles By babydollnh Completed

"You guys are the cutest couple ever" 

Niall and Harry exchange the similar expression. They laughed a little. "We are not dating" they both say at the same time too. 

The new girl stare at them like they are crazy. Niall has his head on Harry's shoulder and the curly haired lad is holding the blonde's hand on his lap

Zayn, Liam and Louis smirk at the expression on the new girl's face. 

She is definitely new. 


Warnings: idiots in love, crossdressing!niall, gentleman!harry. Smut, fluff, jealousy, protectiveness, possessiveness. Side pairings: ??  

High school AU 


PanicAtetheDisco PanicAtetheDisco Dec 01, 2016
What grade are they in, recess at my school stopped at 5th grade
hollypxge hollypxge Dec 04, 2016
*they move in together* no we ain't dating. *they get married* no not dating
I mean is this a dream book like all this is gonna be bootifulllll
What the bloody hell you can't say baby without DATING! Damit!
hollypxge hollypxge Dec 04, 2016
They could get bloody married and say that they're still not dating
Okay so y'all aren't together yet you ask for damn kiss? Just Date pls. Tf