Wolf's Blood

Wolf's Blood

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Hope Winters By hopefulbooks_ Completed


After the death of Rose's mother Rose must take up the job as the royal Carter's cleaner. Rose's family has a long line of family members having had been cleaners for that royal family and the tradition continues on with Rose. 

It's the age of werewolves, where everyone fears and hates them. If someone is bitten, they're immediately executed in the town square. But what happens when Rose gets bitten one night fetching water? A great war between werewolves and men had only just raged 90 years ago and people were still getting over the huge deaths.

The Carter parents have two older boys and a little daughter. Each of them adore Rose and treat her like family, but she's not. She dorms at their palace with only the eldest son down the hall. So what happens when those two start to feel attracted to each other? Will he find out her secret? What will happen if her secret is exposed?

Now throw in a werewolf pack that pick up her scent and surround her. Each werewolf feels like they need to protect her as they know who she is. But what happens when she joins their pack and is told to be trained by the Alpha's son? Things start to get heated and Rose doesn't know which heart to follow.

Cleaner by day, werewolf by night, Rose must keep her secret quiet while traveling out of the castle at night to visit her pack. But what she doesn't realise is that her pack is her worst enemy. The Alpha's son was told to get closer to her simply because they need her to kill the Carter family. Once their gone the werewolves could rule again and live in peace. But what happens when she refuses the offer?

Started: 1st July, 2013

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Fierceladybug Fierceladybug Dec 12, 2017
Good beginning. There's a little tense problem in the dialogue but  over all the MC is understood.👍👍
LightningStruckRed LightningStruckRed Nov 10, 2016
Just found, sounds interesting but maybe a little to much info in the intro. Some mystery and intrigue will grasp readers more in my opinion.