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Glow ↳ Lashton

Glow ↳ Lashton

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daniel By CRazyMofo137 Updated Dec 15, 2016

"I hate you so much Ashton Fletcher Irwin"

"Good to know the feeling is mutual Luke Robert Hemmings"

       -    -    -   -  -  -  -   -   -   -  -  -  -    -    -   -  -  -  -    - 
Where your chest glows when you encounter your soul mate

lashton (with some malum)

danisabreadloaf danisabreadloaf Dec 28, 2016
Ashton just posted a photo with Michael and I'm reading a book and they're talking about Ashton's ass,,ok
Plot twist: Luke hates Ashton because when he met Ash, lukes chest glowed but ASH's didn't
PurpleCampus PurpleCampus Dec 22, 2016
At first I was like "wtf this is so cheesy" but now I'm excited it sounds so cute
MeganSlim MeganSlim Aug 31, 2016
Your D? 😏🍆
                              D standing for Desperation, guys c'mon, don't be dirty minded.
SparklingSorcerer SparklingSorcerer Nov 06, 2016
Or in Science terms, Epiphyte me. 
                              I'm sorry I'm a nerd and one day I noticed it sounded like that I'm sorry.
LashtonsCxndxm LashtonsCxndxm Oct 09, 2016
got a question? why is michael in the position to say that? i'm confused as hell tbh like its cool n shhit but i dont get it