Oblivion | Percy Jackson [rewriting]

Oblivion | Percy Jackson [rewriting]

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death and me By That_Evil_One Updated Aug 05

False gods come and go, they are just pretenders with every little sway but then the Olympia Alliance came. Each calls themselves a god, all from the Greek myths. With them came the mages, each having the powers attached to each god but just because they came together does not mean they are allies. 

Most mages wander, helping the in the ways they could but some outright refused to use their power but with that came consequences, you cannot refuse a favor from the gods so those didn't use their powers would die by the magic that resided inside them.

The Olympia Alliance took in lost mages, they claimed to help but really they took the mages' power like a leach but few noticed. Before the the Alliance, there were camps who helped mages understand their power but both were destroyed.

The Rebellion were some of the few who did survive, led by Thalia whose power of harnessing and summoning lightning drove almost all foes away and Luke, a master thief and hacker who has his own personal problems relating to the Alliance.

Nico di Angelo was apart of the Rebellion, he worked inside of the Alliance as a spy but left to report in to the Rebellion before 'joining' the Alliance again, this time with five others joining him; each with their own gifts and curses.

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