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|| Philophobia. Its name comes from two Greek roots, "philo" meaning love and "phobia" meaning fear of. The fear of love. || 

"I think i was 9 or 10. And i would watch from the stairs and-and the concept of getting close to petrifies me." 


"Because I never want to be vulnerable." His voice became colder. "I never want to be taken advantage of."

"Who says everyone will?" The man retaliated. 

"I like my own tent. I don't want people to come inside and mess everything up."

"But what if someone climbed into your tent and cleaned it up for you?" He asked again."


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All you ppl with eye contact problems may want to look into Asperger's Syndrome, it's what I have
PhilIsOurSunshine PhilIsOurSunshine Dec 17, 2017
                              DID OU MISS ME L
                              WELCIM BACK TO READ SJOTHER ONEOF YOUR BOOKS
worldofwhitenoise worldofwhitenoise Nov 18, 2017
lemme guess; he started working there at age 20, did he? 
                              don't kill me if i'm wrong it's just one of my silly little theories. 
                              it's just a theory
                              a PHAN theory
I'm like this. I'm terrified ( t e r r I f I e d) (sorry) if falling in love but yet watch, read and write about love. It's weird