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|| Philophobia. Its name comes from two Greek roots, "philo" meaning love and "phobia" meaning fear of. The fear of love. || 

"I think i was 9 or 10. And i would watch from the stairs and-and the concept of getting close to petrifies me." 


"Because I never want to be vulnerable." His voice became colder. "I never want to be taken advantage of."

"Who says everyone will?" The man retaliated. 

"I like my own tent. I don't want people to come inside and mess everything up."

"But what if someone climbed into your tent and cleaned it up for you?" He asked again."


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All you ppl with eye contact problems may want to look into Asperger's Syndrome, it's what I have
perhaps-x perhaps-x Apr 27
I'm a teenager and I have a giant stuffed llama and 30 other stuffed animals???????????
perhaps-x perhaps-x Apr 27
my old boyfriend out of nowhere started dating another girl while still with me.
                              he called me because we talked all night and randomly said 'bY tHe WaY iM bReAkInG uP wItH yOu I fOuNd SoMeOnE bEtTeR'. I didn't have a problem with it till after the call.
I like the idea of them being a "smart friend" because it really feels like that (at least for me). like I have her phone number just in case and everything so if I need her when I'm not meeting up with her I can contact her. such a good way to think