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|| Philophobia. Its name comes from two Greek roots, "philo" meaning love and "phobia" meaning fear of. The fear of love. || 

"I think i was 9 or 10. And i would watch from the stairs and-and the concept of getting close to petrifies me." 


"Because I never want to be vulnerable." His voice became colder. "I never want to be taken advantage of."

"Who says everyone will?" The man retaliated. 

"I like my own tent. I don't want people to come inside and mess everything up."

"But what if someone climbed into your tent and cleaned it up for you?" He asked again."


starryphil starryphil 6 days ago
family love is unconditional. whereas when your romantically involved with someone, that's a completely different sort of thing, because it's not unconditional, they could leave at any moment.
merf129987 merf129987 Jan 01
Jeez guys we all know he is asking if he is ready for 
                              Reading Phanfic of course because that cures every thing
viola_4 viola_4 Dec 18, 2016
Hey, that's one of the vocabulary words on my English test I should be studying for!
phatiima phatiima 5 days ago
I s2g this happens all the time 
                              On Monday i went over to my friends house and i qas eating her food like usual and i was sitting on a particularly squeaky leathe chair and everytime i moved it made a fart sound and i died internalley rip
verytroye verytroye Dec 12, 2016
It literally took me 10 minutes to find outshe made an error by saying his name was phil
starryphil starryphil 6 days ago
👏you 👏shouldn't.👏rely👏on👏someone👏else👏to👏make👏you👏whole👏