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Moona By geniusotaku Completed

|| Philophobia. Its name comes from two Greek roots, "philo" meaning love and "phobia" meaning fear of. The fear of love. || 

"I think i was 9 or 10. And i would watch from the stairs and-and the concept of getting close to petrifies me." 


"Because I never want to be vulnerable." His voice became colder. "I never want to be taken advantage of."

"Who says everyone will?" The man retaliated. 

"I like my own tent. I don't want people to come inside and mess everything up."

"But what if someone climbed into your tent and cleaned it up for you?" He asked again."


izzzyT izzzyT Jul 15
that's a BIT of an age gap but idgaf 
                              i just this it *might* be better if Dan was 24, not 20
                              but i ain't judging
According to my science teacher technically we only need two years of primary school, three of high school and two maybe three years in uni/college
Well yeah, but its my mom. Its diferent with family because they can't just change you or leave you. My mom would never break my heart, thats the way its diferent
ishipyall ishipyall Jul 06
Can I just like skip all 4 years of high school but still have all our the USEFUL information in my memory
When I read the title I didn't read the description and I though the book would be about how dans afraid of phil and I was like same but than I read that and now I feel stupid
3mma1i113y 3mma1i113y Aug 21
My mom once said she can only fully trust people or not trust them at all. I don't understand how she can do that. Trust is HARD man.